Welcome to Andrea Victoria! We are so happy to see you here!

I believe you are here for the same reasons why I started Andrea Victoria – the passion for fashion, the environment, and the eagerness to combine the two. Andrea Victoria is a Swedish brand, founded in late 2019 by me, Andrea Norelid and I believe in the purpose of creating high-quality fashion accessories in a sustainable way. I know that you, fashionable consumer, demand that little extra and that is why you are here. All the products from Andrea Victoria are therefore created out of overstock fabrics in 100% silk, ensuring high-quality that will last for a long time while being environment-friendly. Andrea Victoria creates accessories for the women who today want that little extra while creating a concept that will last over generations. Welcome to join us on the journey of Andrea Victoria! 

It all starts with a simple accessory and ends with a lifestyle.

The elegant accessories from Andrea Victoria are made out of overstock-fabrics in 100 % silk, ensuring high-quality and a beautiful design. It might be that you’re not so familiar with the concept of overstock fabrics, which is completely understandable, but as the interest for environment-friendly options increases and the buy-cheap-wear-one-time-and-throw-away-fashion is getting out of style, we will enlighten you on the concept.

When big international fashion houses create textile collections, plenty of their fabrics get discarded even before becoming clothes or accessories. The reasons behind this are many, but one could be an over-calculation of the need and another could be that the collection did not sell as much as the brand thought and therefore they decide not to pursue with the fabric. However the reason for the brands not wanting their fabrics, these fabrics are high-quality, fully functioning, and beautiful but they get thrown away simply because of the lack of need. We think this is ridiculous, especially since textile production produces approximately 1.2 billion tonnes of greenhouse gas every year and the United Nations estimates that 10 percent of total global emissions come from the fashion industry. 

We appreciate the beauty of these fabrics that were not being used to their full potential by many luxury brands and bring them back to life by creating new collections. We believe in creating a product that is hand-crafted for the fashionable consumer while being environmentally friendly so we can make sure that we do our bit for creating a better world.

Andrea Victoria has a strong foundation built on authenticity, ingenuity, and an ecological spirit. We believe in the cohesion of charm and creativity to produce something that is both beautiful and that serves a purpose.