Terms and Conditions

1. General

A. The general terms and conditions (the “Terms and Conditions”) shall only be applicable on purchase agreements which a consumer enters when placing an order via www.andreavictoria.se (the “Website”) and related pages. Such purchase agreement is concluded between you and Andrea Victoria Fashion & Design AB corporate identification no. 556718-9575 (”Andrea Victoria”) and shall be considered as distance contracts according to the Swedish Distance and Doorstep Sales Act, (Swe: lag (2005:59) om distansavtal och avtal utanför affärslokaler),

B. In these Terms and Conditions, a consumer means a physical person who acts for purposes which are primarily not business activities.

C. Purchase agreements entered into by a consumer trough the Website are covered by the Swedish Distance and Doorstep Sales Act. To the extent that the Swedish Distance and Doorstep Sales Act does not apply to the purchase agreement between the consumer and Andrea Victoria the Swedish Consumer Contracts Act (1990:931) shall apply to the purchase agreement.

D. The Website, including all content, is owned by Andrea Victoria. All information stated on the Website is protected by intellectual property and marketing law meaning that no content on the Website may be copied or used without Andrea Victoria’s written prior consent.

E. To place an order at the Website you must be 18 years old. Andrea Victoria reserves the right to change or deny an order if for example incorrect personal information has been given.

2. Order

A. A purchase on the Website can only be made after you accept these Terms and Conditions and have received the information in Andrea Victoria’s Privacy Policy. By accepting these Terms and Conditions you agree to fully comply with them.

B. A purchase agreement is entered into between you and Andrea Victoria when you place an order through the Website. When Andrea Victoria has confirmed your order you will receive an order confirmation per email. The order confirmation contains a confirmation that Andrea Victoria has received your order, specified information regarding what you have ordered, price, estimated delivery time and any additional terms attributable to the purchase, such as any discounts and additional equipment, etc. and additional information according to the Swedish Distance and Doorstep Sales Act. Andrea Victoria recommends that you save your order confirmation for any future contact with Andrea Victoria’s customer service.

F. An order confirmation in accordance with section 2.B is normally sent within one (1) week from the time Andrea Victoria received your order.

G. It is possible to withdraw your order up until the time it has been confirmed by Andrea Victoria. If your order is withdrawn any payment you or your payment company or credit card company has made in connection with the order will be refunded by Andrea Victoria.

3. Prices and Payment

A. The prices applicable when ordering through the Website are stated on the Website in SEK and include VAT. Shipping and payment fees are stated separately. 

B. Andrea Victoria’s payment alternatives are stated on the Website. [Get more information about our payment options here. Andrea Victoria and its affiliates may perform a credit check in connection with payment against invoice or payment in installments. If a credit check is to be performed, you will be notified thereof. For credit purchases additional credit costs may be incurred in accordance with the terms and conditions of the creditor.

C. Andrea Victoria has the right to receive payment directly in connection with the placing of the order, unless invoice payment or another payment option approved by Andrea Victoria is chosen by you.

4. Promotions and Campaigns

If promotions or campaigns with more favorable terms than these Terms and Conditions are stated on the Website they apply for the duration of the promotion or campaign, and for the specific goods that the promotion or campaign relates to. Such promotions and campaigns are valid for a limited time and/or as long as the stock is sufficient.

5. The consumer’s right to withdrawal

A. You have a right to withdraw from a purchase agreement within 14 days from the time you or your agent have received the ordered product (the withdrawal period). This means that you have the right to undo your purchase within the withdrawal period by notifying Andrea Victoria of your wish to withdraw. In cases where you exercise your right to withdrawal you agree to, within 14 days from your notification of your withdrawal to Andrea Victoria, return the product to Andrea Victoria.   

B. The right to withdrawal does not include the following products:

  • Sealed products where the seal has been broken.

C. If an order has been made for a product that is not covered by the right to withdrawal you will be notified thereof. 

D. If you withdraw a purchase your notification thereof to Andrea Victoria shall be clear and precise and include your name, address and other relevant information such as for example the name of the product, order number, and invoice number. Such notification can be made per e-mail to the following address andrea.norelid@andreavictoria.se.

E. If you use your right of withdrawal Andrea Victoria will refund the amount of the product within 14 days of Andrea Victoria receiving notice from you that you wish to use your right to withdrawal granted that the returned product has reached Andrea Victoria or that you can show that the product has been returned. Delivery costs will not be refunded by Andrea Victoria if you have chosen a different delivery method than the standard delivery method Andrea Victoria offer. Delivery costs are also non-refundable when returning part of an order. In cases were the product have decreased in value compared to the original value of the product due to your use of the product, more than what is necessary to determine its function or characteristics, Andrea Victoria reserves the right to deduct a sum corresponding to the decrease of the product’s value. The refund will be made through the payment option you chose for the purchase, unless otherwise agreed or if there is a reason to use another method for such refund.

E. In cases where Andrea Victoria offers free refunds, this is stated on the Website.

6. Liability for defects

Andrea Victoria is liable for defects that exists at the time of the delivery of the product, for example when the product is in a worse state than you reasonably could have expected. Defects that occur within six months after delivery shall be regarded as existing at the time of delivery if Andrea Victoria cannot prove otherwise or the defect is incompatible with the product’s price, age, and/or the nature of the product. Andrea Victoria is liable for defects found after sex months from your receipt of the product only if you can show that the defect existed at the time of delivery or if Andrea Victoria has issued a specific guaranty regarding the product in question. 

7. Complaint

A. The right of complaint covers products suffering from defects according to applicable consumer protection legislation. In the event of a defect, this is to be reported to Andrea Victoria as soon as possible. A complaint made within two months after you have noticed the defect should always be deemed to have arrived at the right time. You may not invoke a defect later than three years after the delivery date. 

B. In the event of an approved complaint and when the affected product is returned to Andrea Victoria, you will be compensated in accordance with applicable consumer protection legislation. Compensation shall be made within 30 days from Andrea Victoria receiving the complaint, however it might take longer depending on the nature of the product. 

C. Andrea Victoria reserves the right to deny a complaint if it is shown that the product is not defective according to applicable consumer protection legislation. In case of approved complaints Andrea Victoria covers the cost for shipping.

8. Delay on the seller’s side

A. If Andrea Victoria do not execute its performance in time and this is not due to you or any circumstance on your part you have the right to terminate the purchase agreement in accordance with the provisions in the Swedish Distance and Doorstep Sales Act. If you terminate the purchase agreement accordingly Andrea Victoria shall refund what you have paid. This shall be done as soon as possible and no later than 30 days from the time Andrea Victoria received your notification of termination. You shall return any products that you received in connection with the purchase agreement to Andrea Victoria within the same time frame.

9. Delay on the buyer’s side

If you have not paid for the ordered product within the stipulated time frame, and this is not due to Andrea Victoria or your credit company, Andrea Victoria can require payment and interest on overdue payment according to the Swedish Interest Act (Swe: räntelag (1975:635)).

10. Waiver

Andrea Victoria does not provide any warranties in relation to the Website and the information and material made available on the Website. Andrea Victoria does not guarantee that the Website will be continuously available or that the information provided on the Website is true, non-misleading or correct. No information provided on the Website should be interpreted as the advice of Andrea Victoria.

11. Force majeure

A. In the event that the execution of the agreement is significantly aggravated by external circumstances beyond which Andrea Victoria has no control, for example military action, war, mobilization, enhanced defense preparedness, fire, labor shortage, labor market conflict, natural disaster and adverse weather conditions, if it is assumed that the aggravating circumstance is not only temporary Andrea Victoria may terminate the agreement with immediate effect. Andrea Victoria is not liable for any delays caused by such circumstances.

B. If such circumstances as indicated in 11.A would occur Andrea Victoria will inform you at the beginning and at the end of the circumstances. If such circumstances have lasted for more than 2 months you and Andrea Victoria have the right to withdraw from the agreement with immediate effect. A party wishing to withdraw from the agreement shall without delay inform the other party thereof in writing, as soon as the aggravating circumstance has been known to the withdrawing party.    

12. Invalidity

If any provision in these Terms and Conditions becomes annulled or declared unenforceable by a court, a public authority or an arbitration panel this shall not affect the remaining provisions in these Terms and Conditions. The annulled provision shall be replaced by a corresponding, valid provision that respects the parties’ economic interests in a corresponding manner.

13. Applicable law and dispute

A. These Terms and Conditions are established in accordance with applicable Swedish law. Agreements entered into via the Website and any dispute arising from such agreements shall be governed by Swedish law.

B. In the event that a dispute cannot be resolved in agreement with Andrea Victoria’s customer service you can turn to the Swedish National Board for Consumer Complaints (www.arn.se) or a competent Swedish court. You can also file a complaint online via the EU Commissions Dispute Settlement Platform here: (Online Dispute Platform). Your complaint will automatically be sent to the appropriate national dispute resolution body. The dispute resolution body thereafter contacts Andrea Victoria without initiating any court proceedings.